Bhutan : About the Cultural Tours

    Opening for tourism only in 1974, Bhutan is one of world's most exclusive tourist destinations. The travelers who journey to this magical kingdom will find themselves transported to a land of pure and exotic mysticism.
    Our various Cultural Tours introduce visitors to unique aspects of Mahayana Buddhist culture, including visits to religious festivals and pilgrimage sites and on whichever tour you go, there are fascinating excursions to villages, temples and scenic spots for a closer look at a culture and a land which remain the most unspoiled and beautiful example of the traditional Himalayan way of life in existence today.
    The Cultural Tour Programmes that follow are an entity within themselves, providing a mirror into the deep cultural hertiage and treasures of Bhutan. They can also be modified travelers' individual preferences.
    Please contact us, or fill up this simple questionaire if you need any more information about the Cultural Tours of Bhutan.

    • The Cultural Tour Programmes

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