Tashigang and Tashiyangtse


   Tashigang lies in the far east of Bhutan, and is the country's largest district. Tashigang town, on the hillside above the Gamri Chu river, was once the center for a busy trade with Tibet. Today it is the junction of the east-west highway.

   Places you must see when you are in Tashigang:
   • Tashigang Dzong
   • Gom Kora

   Situated in a small river valley, Tashiyangtse a lovely spot from which to take walks in the surrounding countryside. Tashiyangtse is famous for its wooden containers and bowls, which make inexpensive, attractive and useful mementos of a visit to this remote region.

   Places you must see when you are in Tashiyangtse:
   • Chorten Kora
   • Bomdeling
   • Institute for Zorig Chusum

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