Gorkha and Manakamana


    Gorkha, the birth place of King Prithvi Narayan Shah The Great, the founder and unifier of modern Nepal. Situated on a hill overlooking the snowy peaks of the Himalaya is a beautiful old palace known as Gorkha Durbar.
    Manakamana is one of the most revered temples among the Hindus of Nepal. Dedicated to Parvati – the Goddess of Power in the manifestation of wish-fulfilling goddess is situated a top a ridge.
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    Must-sees in Gorkha and Manakamana:
    • Gorkha Durbar
    • Temples of Gorakhnath and Kali
    • The 'Jhulenge Pul' at Khaireni
    • The cable car at Kurintar

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