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     Mountaineering can be done in two ways in Nepal. The first is by climbing what known as the expedition peaks. Among the 122 climbing peaks in the country, 104 are classified as Expedition Peaks, they can be climbed by formal expeditions and climbing permits are required. Other peaks ranging from 5,587 meters to 6,654 meters are classified as Trekking Peaks, a small trekking fee is required for scaling these, other than this there aren't many formalities.
     The list of Himalayan expedition peaks include eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, and these attract the most ambitious mountaineers from the world.
     There are about thirty three peaks of up to 6,600 meters elevation in the classification of trekking peaks. Some are techincally very demanding, and at times even more difficult than most the expedition peaks, but other than that these are easier to attempt.
     Expedition treks can be carried out throughout the year but the best time is the spring season as the weather and snow conditions are more predictable at this time. Winter season expeditions area also possible but at time weather conditions make successful attempts difficult.
For trekking, spring and autumn are ideal and for some of the peaks, even winter ascents are possible.

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     • Regulations for climbing Expedition Peaks
     • Regulations for climbing Trekking Peaks

     The Himalayan Peaks are judged for the difficulty based on a Gradeing System, the peaks are graded on a 4 point system, Grade C (easiest), Grade B, Grade A and Alpine (difficult). For more information:
     • Trekking Grades

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